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Composting At Home

Interested in composting at home? Here are some resources that can help including videos, DIY and purchase bins, and compostable materials guide.


Purchase a home program and start composting with a stationary or rotary compost bin.

Home Program #1 comes with an 80 gal Earth Machine. Home Program #2 comes with a 37 gal rotary compost bin. Programs can be purchased below. Scroll down to find free, used bin option.


Home Programs #1 & #2 Include:

  • Choice of compost bin: 80 gal Earth Machine or FCMP 37 gal dual chamber rotary bin (price based on the selected style of bins, shipping and assembly time)

  • Food scrap collection bin for your kitchen

  • Sticker indicating what type of scraps are appropriate for composting

  • Optional 1:1 consultation on zoom to answer specific questions, support your success, or help you effectively site and set up the system

  • Access to monthly online classes: compost clinic and intro to composting and wasted food reduction

  • Inspiring bundle of composting education resources with your purchase 

  • Easy 1 time payment online

  • At this time - free delivery for residents living within the city of Sarasota, all others must arrange pick-up (subject to change in the future).

Register and Pay for a Home Composting Program Click Below on the Home Compost Bin You Prefer

Scroll down to find the free, used bin option

Free, Well-Used Earth Machine - While Supplies Last 

Earth Machine 

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Free Used Compost Bin

There are numerous ways to compost at home.  Below is a video explaining 6 different options.


 D.I.Y. Compost Bin Ideas & Products Available in the Market 

There are so many options when it comes to composting at home, below are just a few bin suggestions and options.

GEOBIN: Expandable, Easy Assembly - 216 gallons

Compostable Materials Guide

Even at home, you can follow our compostable materials guide

Composting Infographic-15.png

D.I.Y. Sifter Designs

Depending on the style of at-home composting, you may not need to sift the compost.  However, sifting guarantees you get only the finished product and break up the clumps of soil.

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