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What is Composting?

Composting is the aerobic decomposition of organic materials by microbes. It is nature's way of transforming end of life into new life again.

Artwork by Bryn Bell

Composting Web of Relations 

The art, science, and practice of composting are interconnected to a wide range of local and global impact areas. The single action of composting can yield many positive results. Scroll down to find the web of relations and other useful compost-specific resources like books, videos, and articles. 

Click on the themed circles in the web to learn more.

These are some helpful book resources to grow your knowledge base and improve your composting practice.


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At-Home Composting

Soil & Water Connection

Compost and Climate Connection 

Compostable Materials Guide

Our compostable Materials Guide is a great resource
to make sure you are composting the right materials.

D.I.Y. Sifter Designs

Depending on the style of composting, you may not need to sift the compost.  However, sifting guarantees you get only the finished product and break up the clumps of soil.

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