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Food Scrap Drop-off Program 

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Register to drop-off your food scraps at one of our
compost stations and we'll do the rest. 


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Program supplies

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Remote or hands-on training


Well managed compost stations

For those who are not yet comfortable or able to host a backyard compost bin on their own, who don't have space, or simply like to gather with others in this effort, our community composting drop-off stations are a great option.


  • Food scrap collection bucket with lid
  • Sticker label for bucket listing compostable materials
  • Option to receive finished compost portion 2x/yr
  • Peace of mind making soil & friends instead of more waste

  • Access to quarterly online classes for all participants
  • Includes bundle of inspiring virtual compost education tools
  • Newsletter access with updates, resources and events
  • Easy recurring monthly billing plan - cancel anytime


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Guidelines and steps are below

  • Complete the registration form linked above and at the bottom of this page

  • Start collecting allowed food scraps (listed below) in your kitchen and bring them to your designated drop-off site at your convenience 

  • Unlock the secured bins with the member code and then weigh, record, deposit and re-lock the bins after use 


Watch this 3-minute orientation video


Register for the program of your choice.

  • Arlington Park

  • Gillespie Park

  • North Water Tower Park

  • Whitaker Park

  • Gulf Stream

  • The Meadows


Follow program guidelines on the  confirmation/orientation page
​/orientation page

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Receive a food scrap collection bucket size of your choice - dropped off at your registered site.

(Contact us if alternative arrangements need to be made to receive your bucket)
Bucket dimensions.jpg
 1.9 gal 
 lid attached 
green bucket.jpg
 2 gal green w/ white lid included 
(10 in stock) 
9.5"w x 9.5h" 
Bucket dimensions.jpg
 4 gal square
 lid  included


Collect food scraps at home according to our guideline of appropriate compostable materials

Reduce Contamination Video
Please Watch - 48 seconds
(Click on label to view a larger version)


Deposit materials at your chosen site each week or at your convenience 


Weigh your scraps & record weight


Only deposit in ACTIVE & YES bins

Michael w browns.jpg

Cover your deposit with "Browns"



Indicate your choice to donate or receive portions of finished compost 2x/yr (in registration form)


2x/ year, receive or donate your share of hand-crafted, cured compost!


Drop-off site locations

The Bay Park

655 N. Tamiami Trail, Sarasota FL 34236

Bay Park compost station up close.jpg
The compost station is located just across the driveway of the Sarasota Garden Clubs's north entrance. You can pull into the circle driveway to park or park on the street near the Garden Club. You will see the Garden Club's wooden gated outdoor storage area and the compost station is adjacent to it
Pull into the main parking lot at the park and walk directly behind the recreational center building (south side of building). You will see the Hawthorne street sign along the sidewalk and the squirrel bench. Walk away from the building/ in a south direction/ and look beyond the squirrel concrete bench and you see 8 black bins in the "butterfly" garden. Find the "ACTIVE" bin and deposit scraps in there.

North Water Tower Park

4700 Rilma Ave, Sarasota, FL 34234

Pull into the main parking lot on the north side of the park. Find the sidewalk that is on the east side of the park if you are facing the actual  water tower. This sidewalk also leads to the water tower. Walk about 50 feet and you will see 4 or 5 black bins right along the sidewalk. 
Sustainability Managers SE USA.jpg

Gillespie Park

710 N Osprey Ave, Sarasota, FL 34236

Pull into (or walk to) the parking lot in front of the police annex building/ community reading room building on the southwest corner of the park. Walk directly behind the building (east side of building). It's the only building in the park. You will see the 6 or 7 black bins lined up along the back of the building. Find the "ACTIVE" bin and deposit scraps in there. 
Food scrap drop off 1.jpg

Arlington Park

2650 Waldemere St, Sarasota, FL 34239

Whitaker TT.jpg

Whitaker Gateway Park

1455 N Tamiami Trail, Sarasota, FL 34236

Pull into the main drive of the park. Drive to the end of the park , circle the round about and just eat of the dumpster yet under a towering tree you will find the compost station. You can park in the spots facing south to drop off your food scraps or park anywhere and just walk on over. 
2017_07 Some of the Inaugural Composting Demo Attendees.jpeg

The Meadows 

Available to The Meadows residents only based on registration address


Cityside Apartments 

Available to Cityside residents only

kanaya screenshot.jpg

Kanaya Condos 

Available to Kanaya residents only 

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