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The countless tragedies from the recent and historical killing of black lives, both locally and across the nation, are painful mirrors of continued intergenerational wounding, fragmenting, and degrading of the lives and communities of black people, indigenous people and people of color in the U.S. Sunshine Community Compost stands in solidarity with those working for a world free from systemic racism, police brutality, discrimination and repression of freedom and opportunity. 

Social, economic, and environmental impacts from the degradation of the planet, the climate, the environment, the food system, healthcare and so much more are issues that disproportionately burden black, indigenous, and people of color. Safe, healthy, thriving, abundant, and opportunity-rich lives and communities for all of these people is justice for the planet. We are listening, learning, and action-oriented towards co-creating systemic change that is better for all people and the planet. 

We'll be sharing more soon through our website and upcoming newsletters about how we can support change and improve transparency through our work.


Community composting sites are open at all sites, but we require participants to follow CDC guidelines to reduce the transmission of COVID through the sites. Please bring your food scraps to your designated site at whatever time works for you. Please wear a mask - gloves are also encouraged and maintain physical distance if others arrive while you are there. Please participate in community care and follow this guideline. If you have a scale at home, consider weighing your scraps in advance.

We are open to meeting people at the site to help them deposit and wash bins to reduce contamination, but must be scheduled in advance.


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