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Program Service Changes

Important program shifts are underway that will change how we do things as of January 1, 2021. Learn how they will affect you below.

Sunshine Community Compost has program changes on the horizon that will affect you beginning in 2021. Before communicating these shifts, we want to celebrate some successes. Since we began in 2017, we have:
  • Processed 45,000 pounds of food scraps by hand with 2 pitchforks. 
  • Enabled access to over 300 households to our drop-off programs
  • Given away hundreds of gallons of cured, craft compost - small batch & sifted
  • Supported a transition to backyard composting for over 40 households
  • Educated over 2500 people while also supporting several youth, school-based and non-profit-partner composting programs. 



By January 1, 2021, we will be aligning our programs with industry standards and begin charging a monthly fee-for-service for our food scrap drop-off programs. A common rate for monthly drop-off services among community composters in Florida is $15-16 per month. Our rates will compare at $14.50 per month with the ability to cancel at any time. 
This shift is important and will enable us to better meet needs and:
  • Expand the reach of our mission and programs into new communities
  • Potentially triple the volumes of materials we can compost
  • Scale our programs through partnerships using a sustainable financial reciprocity model
  • Pay staff fair wages to do the hard work, (but labor of love!) of community composting
  • Help actualize our intention to grow our staff capacity and dedicated team
Early registration for the programs begins December 1st. Click to register.
Program remains FREE through 12/31/20 - no fees collected until January 1st.



We understand that some households will not be able or willing to offer financial reciprocity for us to manage your food scraps through a community compost site. That’s OK. The good news is that there are many other options to help you continue composting. You can: 
  • Purchase a home composting program from us and get oriented for success at home - or go in on the program with a neighbor to share the cost and the bin.
  • Apply for a work-trade position and exchange volunteer time for community composting services while spots are available - 1 hour of work-trade service for 1 month of composting services, up to 6 months per household per year to begin. 
  • Drop-off food scraps on an as-needed, per drop basis (available after 4/1/2021) at a staffed, community drop-off station based on a specific date, time & location with a $3.50 fee-per-deposit.
  • Link up with a neighbor who already has a compost bin and bring your scraps to them.



We value sustainability and regenerative design principles for the health and wellness of the planet, our communities and our organization.
We are happy to answer any questions about these changes and will do our very best to bring as much ease and service to you during this transition. Thank you for creating the local composting movement and for your patience as we grow.
If you would like to explore the possibility of having a drop-off program set-up at your condo, apartment, business or your City of Sarasota neighborhood park, let us know. You can reach me at, or general

Thank you for helping to grow the local composting movement in all the unique ways we do!
Tracie Troxler
Founder, Executive Director
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