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Check out our collection of videos below we think are helpful.

​Ever wonder just how valuable that banana peel is? Check out how these familiar Hollywood faces help spread the word about the beauty and importance of composting! (6 minutes)

​This video is for newcomers to our programs and explains and demonstrates how to properly use our compost sites at a Sunshine Community Compost city park site. (3 minutes)

Sustainable Communities Event 2018 - lightning talk on Local Community Composting Initiatives. (5 minutes)

Learn about the national community composting movement and how to get involved! (8 minutes)

Have fun learning from St. John's 3rd grade class about how to compost properly. (3 minutes)

Finean Makepeace - Importance of Soil

Great compost sifter idea! (3 minutes)

The City of Calgary does a great job explaining how landfills work and why "waste" should be considered a resource. (3 minutes)

Learn about carbon farming and how our soil can bring back the balance of our climate. (4 minutes)

A more complex compost sifter idea! (22 minutes)

Sifting and harvesting worm castings at home. (9 minutes)

How to make a composting sifter on a budget! (11 minutes)

Walter Jehne lecture on the soil carbon sponge, climate solutions, and healthy water cycles. (2 hours)

Learn about carbon farming and how our soil can bring back the balance of our climate. (4 minutes)

A message from Joel Scheraga the EPA Senior Advisor for Climate Adaption on climate change. (4 minutes)

Food Waste: Managing a Solvable Problem at the Food, Water, and Energy Nexus. (58 minutes)

Learn why food waste is happening, what are the environmental impacts and how we can fix it. (11 minutes)

Bioplastics explained the good and the bad (14 minutes)

6 different ways to compost at home! (15 minutes)

What is a watershed? Explained (1 minute)

Food Matters - Food Waste by the NRDC. (3 minutes)

Take out creates a LOT of trash, but it does not have too! (7 minutes)

Some creative ways Canada is ending food waste. (6 minutes)

Macro Meneghetti explains Bioplastics (1 minute)

"Compostable" plant-based product cycle explained  (3 minutes)

How plastic is made, the true life cycle of a plastic bottle (5 minutes)

ILSR composting at-home introductory webinar. (1.5 hour)

How Composting helps save the environment (3 minutes)

Managing stormwater runoff explained (2 minutes)

Hope in a Changing Climate - John D. Liu

Do you know all 17 SDGs? ( 2 minutes)

The Earth Is Our Mother - Arkan Lushwala (4 minutes)

Our Unhealthy Food System (And How to Fix It) (3 minutes)

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