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Our Mission

The mission of Sunshine Community Compost is to strengthen community connections and give back to the planet through accessible education and action programs that increase local composting, resource recovery, and zero waste efforts.

Our Story

Sunshine Community Compost is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization working to transform hearts, minds and food scraps through the practice and principles of composting. Our work focuses on collaborating with communities to shift cultural practices related to resource management away from waste generation and towards resource creation, using regenerative and sustainable approaches.  


Teaching, engaging, activating people and shifting perceptions about composting helps form reciprocal relations with the planet and our communities and aims at the roots of how "waste" is created in the first place, the depths of seen and unseen variables that are wasted, and who ends up bearing the greatest burdens from and experiencing the impacts of waste in our culture. Our goal is to create collaborative solutions that are founded in action and that use the principles of composting to create change.


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