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Confirmation and Orientation Details

YOUR FOOD SCRAP COLLECTION BUCKET & STICKER OF ACCEPTABLE MATERIALS will be dropped at your selected drop-off site within 1 week of your registration. It will be left in the "BROWNS" bin. Please open that labeled bin at the site and look for your bucket. ​


PLEASE WATCH THIS 3-MINUTE VIDEO. Please follow the weigh and record protocol so that we can track our impact on our community. It's a simple process to participate, but it's important that everyone follows the protocol. 

PLEASE REMOVE ALL CONTAMINANTS. Contaminants include stickers, rubber bands, twist ties, and large food scraps. Before tossing food scraps into your bin, please remove these items and chop up your large scraps, such as watermelons and whole grapefruitsSee this 48-SECOND VIDEO to help you eliminate contaminants.

ONLY DEPOSIT IN THE "ACTIVE" or "YES" BIN.  All other bins are in different stages of curing, and cannot receive raw food scraps. These are labeled as "NO".

INFORM US if you see anything that looks out of balance at the site via email/ text ASAP so we can fix it in between our site visits. For example, out of "browns," the scale is missing, the active bin is to the very brim full and cannot take more deposits, vandalism, etc.



Phone: 650-743-3104

GUIDELINES AND REMINDERS on how to participate are on the DROP OFF page if you ever need a reference.

SIGN UP FOR THE NEWSLETTER if you'd like to receive program updates and information about when to pick up finished compost.

FREE CLASSES are available to all participants when classes are scheduled.

Questions are always welcome. Thank you, and happy composting! 


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