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The Worm Wisperer- Miami

Educating and informing communities on various composting methods and sustainable practices that support and balance the ecosystem we live in, our environment.


Reducing the Impact of Wasted Food by Feeding the Soil and Composting

Apple Rabbit Compost- Jacksonville

At Apple Rabbit Compost we're building a network of local restaurants, residents and farms who want to do their part to help end food waste.

The Permaculture Research Institute

Design Archives

The Soil Foodweb, Inc.

Restoring Nature to the World's Soils

Holistic management handbook

Healthy land, healthy profits

O-town Compost- Orlando

O-Town Compost seeks to become a key component of Orange County's waste diversion infrastructure to help the City of Orlando meet its zero waste goal and extend the life of Orange County's landfill.

The soil will save us

How Scientists, Farmers, and Foodies Are Healing the Soil to Save the Planet

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