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Food Scrap Drop-Off Program Terms of Service 

  1. Payment is processed 5 days after your registration date to allow us time to process your registration and any supply requests before the payment goes through.

  2. Please allow up to 5 days after your registration date for your food scrap collection bucket and sticker to be placed at your food scrap drop-off site for you to pick up (if you requested these supplies). The bucket will be placed in the "browns" bin with your name on it unless you email us to let us know you'd like it to be delivered to your home. We only deliver to homes if you live within the city of Sarasota city limits, otherwise, you must pick it up. 

  3. Payment is processed on a recurring monthly basis.

  4. Customer information is kept private, never shared and payments are processed through Stripe’s secure payment platform.

  5. Program participants who are monthly subscribers can cancel at any time, but must notify us of your cancellation in writing - email or text works - and allow up to 1 week for us to process the cancellation. However, please note we do our best to typically process cancellations within 24-48 hours to ensure integrity in our relationship.

  6. Access codes to unlock and open the physical compost bins are available to participating households only. Each program purchase is for 1 household only and cannot be shared with other households.

  7. Registering and paying for service means you agree to respect other participants and our hard work by keeping access codes to unlock the bins confidential. 

  8. Bin lock access codes may be renewed periodically as needed and participants will be given new codes when this happens.

  9. All participants must follow the protocol and prevent composting contamination from any non-organic or unacceptable materials including stickers, rubber bands, plastic bags, or other contaminants that negatively impact compost creation.

  10. Program participants agree to report site maintenance concerns to SCC staff as soon as possible by text 650-743-3104 or email

  11. If you are going out of town we can pause your payment schedule for up to 3 months. If you are out of town for more than 3 months, we’ll need to cancel your service and have you renew when you return.

  12. To ensure the safety, fairness, and productivity of our programs, we reserve the right to cancel any participant’s membership with 2 weeks' notice in writing via email if these terms and agreements are not upheld.

  13. Deposit as many pounds as you need for your unique household per month. No commercial deposits to the site. Reach us if you want to arrange a commercial account with us.

Home Composting Program, and Well-Used Bin Terms of Service

  1. Please allow up to 1 week from your payment date for us to send you your confirmation and reach you to schedule program logistics including dropping off your bin if you live in the City of Sarasota or having you pick up your bin and bucket if you live outside of the City of Sarasota 

  2. Payment is processed one time for your program.

  3. We can schedule your optional 1:1 consultation at any time, simply reach us with preferences. 

  4. General composting questions can be sent to us at any time in the future, and will be answered in the order they are received.

  5. Home program members can access our free online classes at any time, including our Composting Q&A Clinic to answer specific questions you have.

  6. Please note, no refunds for this purchase once the program supplies (compost bins, kitchen scrap collection bins, etc.) have been transferred to you.

  7. Free, well-used bins may have had repairs to slow down wear and tear or may have scratches, etc. You can review the condition of the bin before you accept it to make sure it is suitable for your purposes. 

Release from Liability

By registering, paying for, and checking the box that you agree to our Terms of Service, you hereby release, indemnify, hold harmless and discharge Sunshine Community Compost and any/all affiliated organizations that are participating in any programs and composting activities, including Sunshine Community Compost’s officers, employees, agents, contractors from all actions, claims, or demands that you, your heirs, guardians, and legal representatives now have, or may have in the future, for injury or damage resulting from participation in any form of composting education or action activities related to Sunshine Community Compost.

Thank you for composting with Sunshine Community Compost!

Please send any questions to & we will respond as soon as possible.

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